Luis A. Moreno Aznar

  • Full University Professor (permanent staff) and Head of the Department of Paediatrics. School of Medicine. University of Granada. E-mail: ccampoy@ugr.es
  • Director of the EURISTIKOS Excellence Centre for Paediatric Research – at the Technological Park for Health Sciences (PTS)
  • Person in charge of the Research Group-PAI -CTS-187 on: «Pediatric Nutrition and Metabolism«.
  • Member of the ESPGHAN Committee on Nutrition (2011-2017).
  • Member of the Early Nutrition Academy Steering Group (ENA) 
  • ESPGHAN representative at the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. European Commission.
  • Member of the Committee on Nutrition of the Spanish Association of Paediatrics (AEP)
  • Member of the Nutrition Expert Group of the SEGHNP
  • Co-ordinator of the FP7 NUTRIMENTHE EU Project and the PREOBE Excellence Research Project; UGR principal investigator of the IMPACT DIABETES B2B, PREciSE, DynaHEALTH, EarlyNutrition, MyNewGut, NutriOMICs, EARNEST and NUHEAL EU Projects, PREOBE, GD-Brain, EVASYON and member of CIBERESP-ISCIII.
  • Coordinator of the Official Interuniversity Master on “Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Factors for Growth and Development” (NUTRENVIGEN-G+D Factors).
  • More than 300 papers & chapters in National-International Journals and books, more than 580 abstracts and many Conferences in National and International Meetings.
  • Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Granada, Spain
  • Member of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia, Spain
  • Member of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • Member of Societies: AEP, ESPGHAN, SEÑ, SEGHNP, SEN, SEINAP, European Perinatal Medicine.
  • Editor of Frontiers in Nutrition, topic Nutrition & Brain; Editor of Nutrients issue: Early Nutrition and reprogramming of health and disease; Editor of Nutrients issue: Nutrition and gut-brain axis. Referee of numerous journals: Am J Clin Nutr, Metabolism, Frontiers in Nutrition, Frontiers in Pediatrics, Nutrients, JPGN, Br J Nutr, J Pediatr, Pediatr Res,…

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